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The mud is collected as a form of symbiotic ore and other Zisha mines.It is generally in the state of symbiosis of green mud and purple mud,and Best Yixing Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount a small part is in the state of symbiosis of green mud and red mud.There are very few forms of symbiosis between mud and purple mud.The swelling of the group mud is wide,and it is generally possible to make larger works.Most of the tires have a relatively high water absorption rate and porosity.Through different firing temperatures and firing atmospheres,a variety of shades of varying shades can be exhibited.Some historical purple sand works,such as bronze,brown yellow,camel ash,brown yellow,cold yellow and other colors,in fact,belong to the Yixing Zisha Clay Pots Factory Big Discount group mud category.Due to the difference of symbiotic mineral types and the combination of different types and types of symbiotic ore,and due to the different mining areas and mineral layers,there are many different appearance characteristics and firing effects.

Artistic Teapot Is Worth Your CollectionIt is said that the teapot is a practical and artistic work.In addition to drinking tea,many people are interested in the artistic Yixing Clay Gaiwan Factory Big Discount value of the teapot.To put it bluntly,it is used for collection.Lets talk with everyone today.What kind of purple sand pot is really worth collecting?Rare mud,fine work

We all know that purple sand minerals are nonrenewable resources,and it is really a bit less.Although it is now said that the use of purple sand mud for the last hundred or eight years is no problem,but this Gaiwan Yixing Factory Big Discount is only based on the most basic common loneliness.Think about some mud that can only be seen in museums,azure mud,you can only buy a personal work for how much you want to spend.

Therefore,in order to collect the teapot,you can choose some rare clay pots.Like the four wells that we all like,the mountain green is not only difficult to find on the market,but the yield is low and scary.Some Antique Chinese Clay Teapots Factory Big Discount purple sand artists are afraid to take the mountain green to make pots.Burning a kiln,there is no perfect product is a common thing!

Of course,there are good things to have good work!A large part of the teapots on the purple sand market today are commodity pots.What is a commodity pot? In order to cater to the needs of the market,the production Antique Chinese Clay Teapots For Sale Factory Big Discount of pots,or the division of a special division of the master,a body flow and a scraping needle.The pot thus made has basically no soul,and is generally called a commodity pot.

To collect the teapot,the product pot is of course worthless.We still have to pick up some purple sand works Old Chinese Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount that are in place,regardless of the overall or the details.The pot that works well will be more and more interesting!

Many people think that collecting famous works is very valuable.But todays purple sand market is not as simple as we think.Many of the famous names of Zisha are made by speculation,not because they are famous for their outstanding performance.You may find his/her works on the Internet casually,the name is like a slap in Vintage Chinese Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount the ear,but the works are varied.In fact,many Zisha masters have their own main attack or good at direction in their works.If a masters work has any style,then it is up to the master to do it himself.

As a collection,in fact,we can choose to have more potential to send authors.Although the reputation is not as loud as the names of some masters,the works are all wellreceived,and the awardwinning talents of such strengths China Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount still have a lot of room to rise.After all,speaking with strength is better than the virtual name of Bo eyeball!

Old pots with historical features,and a group of pot friends specialize in collecting old pots.It is true that the old pots are indeed worthy of collection,but they still need to collect old pots with historical features.why? First,the market of old pots is now more and The Beauty Of Chinese Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount more mixed,it is difficult to distinguish between true and false; second,the old pot with historical characteristics,witnessing the development of history,the significance is extraordinary,it is worth witnessing!

Yixing is a famous Taodu.Yixings ceramics have a long history.Among all kinds of ceramics,Zisha has become a bright Where To Buy Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount pearl.It has a long history,but it is the pride of Yixing and the pride of Chinese ceramic culture.

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