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Issuing time:2019-12-25 10:53Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

Some pot friends think that by tapping the teapot to listen to the sound,you can tell the quality of the teapot,which is obviously misled by some brick homes. The Ceramic Teapot Decoupage sound of tapping the teapot is crisp or boring,which is mainly related to the characteristics of the mud the mud of the mud and the mud is greatly different),and the degree of sintering. There is also the problem that the teapot pot does not fall down. Some online shopping platform merchants like to take this boast,and want to prove that their teapot works well. In fact,the purple sand pot can not play the inverted,and the pot type the shape of the pot button and the whole process of the postburning process,and Ceramic Dragon Teapot the pot is not good,there is no relationship between the dime. If you have questions,you may wish to experiment on your own. Even if the stone scoop pot made by Gu Jingzhou cant play the inverted,and the Xi Shi pot on the Internet 99 can stand upside down,can we conclude that Gu Jingzhous pot is not as good as the work of the online 99 package? ?

It reveals that the correct opening method of the purple sand pot has no purple sand within one hundred yuan,and there is no whole hand under the thousand yuan. Now some pot friends still want to spend dozens Ceramic Disney Teapot of pieces to about one hundred to buy a teapot. In fact,you can buy this price. The only thing that comes to it isgrouting pot,handdrawn pot,and locomotive pot. These are not the real teapots. There are also some pot friends who want to spend hundreds of pieces to buy a handmade teapot,but if you have a general understanding of the process of handmade pots. You will know that a handmade pot is really not Ceramic Donald Duck Teapot that simple,and the difficulty of making it is much harder than the semimanual. The real full manual price is basically no less than a thousand dollars,and the thousand yuan is only an entrylevel manual.

Grouting handheld locomotive pot,purple sand artist does not back the pot There are indeed many grouting pots,handdrawn pots,and locomotive pots on the market. Many pot friends also said that the purple sand market is too Diy Ceramic Teapot Flower Planters chaotic. But it still needs to be treated rationally,because there are some ugly phenomena in all walks of life. But it cant be killed by a stick. Even the onesided think that the whole master of Dingshu Town is involved in fraud. The fake is only a small part. Most of the masters are still making pots Diy Ceramic Teapot in a downtoearth manner. They are eating by hand. Therefore,choosing the right artist and finding a reliable person can buy a reliable pot. This is the correct way to play the purple pot.

Recently,Mr. Li Shuangxi,a traditional Chinese craftsman,was selected into the art collection industry for his contribution to the inheritance,development and innovation of Zishas craftsmanship in the 70 New 70 Years of New China tour. Diy Ceramic Teapot Planter 70 outstanding representatives and were hired as art ambassadors. 70 people in 70 years | Chinese traditional craftsman Li Shuangxi was hired as art ambassador Li Shuangxi master 128 sacs hero pot Shanghai World Guinnesss most important event is the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China The continuation and achievements of the home media on the Internet is an important recommendation campaign Drago Ceramic Teapot for 70 years of meritorious figures,outstanding representatives and pioneering model figures from all walks of life. 70 people in 70 years | Chinese traditional craftsman Li Shuangxi was hired as the art ambassador Li Shuangxi master exclusive secret Golden Tortoise

Since he was transferred to Yixing Zisha Craft Factory in 1985,Master Li Shuangxi has been engaged in the purple sand art industry for 35 years. He has grown from an apprentice serving Gu Jingzhou and Jiang Rong to Daze Ceramic Teapot todays master. The success of Li Shuangxi is closely related to the words and deeds of Master Gu Jingzhou and Master Jiang Rong. He is closely related to his talents for Zisha skills,and he is closely connected with his tireless hard work,perseverance and sweating for more than 30 years. After more than 30 years of Danish Ceramic Teapot hard work,nowadays,she has earned her enthusiasm and won one honor after another. Master Li has become a model and model for ordinary people to succeed. 70 people in 70 years | Chinese traditional craftsman Li Shuangxi was hired as art ambassador Li Shuangxi master works   168 ribs hero pot has been published

Especially this year,it coincides with the 70 years of the founding of New China. As the saying goes,the National Games is booming. In this year,Master Li Shuangxi auctioned out 8888888 NT dollars with 168 sacs in the Zhongzheng auction in Taiwan,becoming the highest price Dartington Ceramic Teapot of the master of the world. On August 9,2019,the State Intellectual Property Office granted Li Shuangxis master sacs 168 design patents. This is the second time that Li Shuangxi won the highest honor award in Chinese folk cultural relics in 2015 and the best in Shanghai in the world in 2016. He was awarded the Zisha pot with the most outer pots in the pot. The national award is the only patent work he owns. The whole purple sand industry is a big talk,saying that there is a small existence. From the Drill Ceramic Teapot obscure potter to the famous master of the pot,everyone is an indispensable part of the industry. I think that every industry is hierarchical,and it is composed of people with different levels. The same is true for the purple sand industry. We can divide the purple sand people intoworkers,craftsmen,masters,masters,legends. Next,I will express the different meanings of each level. In the purple sand circle,I think so for the definition of master

The workman is the most common pottery artist and the most basic one. Take the teapot as an example,they will make pots and make pots all the year round. The products are all ordinary utilities. The works can be accepted by the general public and have strong market circulation. On the basis of the workman,if Ceramic Teapot Electric Kettle there is perseverance and willing to work hard,then you can afford a smith,which can be called artisan. In the purple sand circle,I think that the definition of master is further on the basis of the craftsman. It is savvy,intelligent,and natural. It has a feeling of making a purple sander. After growing up,it can afford a big character. It can be called a master. In the purple sand circle,I think so for the definition of master

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