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Is the weight and thickness of the teapot related to the quality of the teapot?Many pot friends will ask if the teapot is good or light.Generally speaking,this is a personal preference.Some pot friends like thick pots,while some pot friends prefer thin tire pots.First of all,the teapots are all made Polished Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount from mud,so this is also a crucial step for the weight of the pot.If the mud is too thick,then the pot will be relatively heavy when it comes to tea,which is not convenient,and the thick mud is mostly not good for tapping the mud.It is usually a pot made by apprentices or novices.

The proper thickness is in line with the texture of the purple sand pot,and it is more resistant to some damage than the thin tire pot.It can be used for a little longer.Of course,the thin tire pot also has its advantages.The price of the thin tire pot is relatively high,because it Pu Erh Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount has good air permeability,it is difficult to burn,it is difficult to work,and the tea is lighter,which is suitable for women with less wrist strength.Both have their own merits,and they all look at their own preferences.

Also remind the friends who like the thin tire pot,the teapot as a practical utensil,or to be practical,do not want to thin and thin,a pot after the start but dare not use it,is not the Yixing Teapot Making Process 2 Factory Big Discount end of the inverted!Of course,if you just want to collect it,you have to say it.How to identify the teapot? How much is the cost of the teapot?

In the industry,the socalled fake teapots include two types one is fake mud and the other is fake.The fake mud is to replace the purple sand mud with chemical mud.One of the fakes is that Yixing Teapot Real Factory Big Discount some craftsmen put their own chapters on the pot but find someone to work for the workers; the second is that the counterfeiters use the seal of the famous family.

The fake money is that some craftsmen cover their own chapters on the pot but find someone to do the work; the second is that the counterfeiters use the seal of the famous.When the potters Yixing Teapot Repair Factory Big Discount work enters the market,but the supply is in short supply,and the disciples are found on their behalf,the serious pot maker may ask others to do 80%,and the rest will be processed by the potter himself,until they are finished.Money.Those who are eager to smoke their hearts,may hand over the seals to the substitutes,and pay a certain fee to the founder after the pot is sent.The most basic of the teapot is the mud,the most confusing Rare Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount and most harmful is the mud.If it is a fake clay pot,it will directly cause harm to the human body and endanger the health of the user.The fake money will not lose money,and the fake mud will harm the users body.Teapot identification method

Eye edgeEveryday you buy things and you will choose your own eyes.The choice of teapots is also the same.When choosing,you should choose the pot for your eyes according to your own preferences,focusing Reset Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount on the appearance,design and mud of the teapot.Zisha pot tasteThe new teapot may have a slightly earthy smell or anger.This is fine,but with a pungent taste or other miscellaneous taste,dont buy it.

Clay pot appearanceLooking at the surface,because it is clay and not glazed,the surface of the new teapot cannot be bright,but rough.In order to sell the fake clay pot,it is usually waxed and polished.The purple sand mud contains trace elements such Rong Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount as quartz and mica,which will form crystals during hightemperature firing.Therefore,under the light,the whole body can see many fine silverwhite highlights.The color of the real teapot pot is almost the same inside and outside,and it wont be too different.

Zisha pot densityThe density of the purple sand pot is large,and there is a thick feeling by hand.The more the pot is the smaller the density,the more frivolous.If you want to judge the advantages Yixing Teapot Singapore Factory Big Discount and disadvantages of the teapot from the weight,it is necessary to always play the excellent teapot and grasp its light and heavy feeling.

WaterHow does the pots water output work? It has the most relationship with the design of the stream.Pouring water into the pot will make it impossible to drip in the pot.As for the water situation,it is straight or soft and beautiful,depending Yixing Teapot Stamp Factory Big Discount on personal preference.But whether it is just or soft,it is always a disadvantage to be out of the water.Sometimes it can be seen that the length of the water bundle cluster section can be compared,and the elder is better.

Water pouring observationThe real purple sand pot is not glazed inside and outside.You can pour the water on the pot and carefully observe it.The teapot made of high quality sand material has a good breathability and water permeability,and the water Yixing Teapot Styles Factory Big Discount on the pot will slowly evaporate until it is absorbed by the pot itself.When the fake pot is watered,the water will roll down in a bead and quickly disappear.The dried highquality teapot,once injected into the boiling water,will also make a squeaky sound.This is a purple sand pot with double vents and good breathability.

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