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When Dabin 1573 1648 was Shaoshan,also known as Dabin and Shibin.It was the son of Ming Paoli to Qing Yixing Teapot Online Shop Factory Big Discount Shunzhi,and was the son of Shi Peng,one of the famous four people of Zisha.He blended sand into the mud,and created a sandmaking method.The ancients called it sand coarse ancient muscles,which is unique.The picture below is a piece of lacquered teapot that Xiaobian had the privilege to see.What is the teapot patina

What is patina,which is a term used in the antique industry to refer to an oxide layer formed on the surface of a cultural relic due to prolonged oxidation.Blister is actually gloss,which refers to the natural luster of the artifacts on the Old Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount surface after a long period of time.Not only porcelain,wood,jade,bronze,tooth carving,wenwan,calligraphy and painting,but also paper pulp products have a pulp.The pasting specific to the purple sand should be a texture that the purple sand shows after the surface changes under the influence of the outside world.And these changes come from the following aspectsPhysical changes on the surface of the purple sand grinding,polishing and scouring the surface of the purple sand

Chemical changes on the surface of the purple sand interaction between the external matter and the surface layer of the purple sand,chemical reactions such as oxidation and corrosion occurring on the surface Yixing Teapot Puerh Factory Big Discount of the purple sandResidues of external substances and their physical and chemical changes many fine particles of inorganic substances and substances remain on the surface of the purple sand,and physical and chemical changes occur simultaneously.

I want to think about it in three categories,crosscutting,complement each other,and after a long time,the texture of the surface of the purple sand has been changed,resulting in the socalled pachet.In addition to natural use,the use of artificial methods can Yixing Teapot Pairing Factory Big Discount also accelerate some aspects of change,but the way of influence must be different from the impact of natural use,so you can get some kind of polypaste or texture change),but The patina produced by natural use has a difference in look and feel.

Thats it,but I think its very simple to discuss what is patina,and it doesnt make much sense.The key is to discuss how to understand the patina.

Why do you like to have petrol in ancient objects? Personal insights,people like to have pulp for three reasons.The first is that the principle of identifying art in the market and culture is always Yixing Pumpkin Teapot Factory Big Discount older than new,and a value judgment derived from it is that it is better to have a patina than a new one; the second is time.It is not easy to get,so the patina with time meaning is especially precious; the third is the natural feelings of people.After years of use,the psychological feeling is more comfortable,people will instinctively feel the old things and people.More correlations occur and are more intimate.For these three reasons,people advocate patina and pursue patina.

So is it right to pick the teapot to see the pulp? Since I like purple sand,I have a lot of questions that are unresolved,and I should understand how to understand purple sand,choose purple sand,appreciate purple sand and so on.Later,when I suddenly Yixing Pottery Teapot Factory Big Discount thought of a sentence,I basically solved my own doubts.This sentence is the world knows that beauty is beautiful,and evil is already. The same is true for the problem of patina.

If you think about it carefully,why do you pursue the pulping? The result is probably the answer to the question Everyone is pursuing this. This is an aesthetic trend that people have collectively Yixing Pewter Teapot Factory Big Discount built.In fact,the relationship with beauty is not large,nor can it represent artistic value.Even if everyone says this is good,is it really what you need?

When people are pursuing the pulping,a series of morbid behaviors are produced.In short,they have come up with countless ways to toss the teapot,so that the teapot deviates from the original intention.In any case,a ribtype friction,scouring,brewing teapot can be considered a rough thing,not to mention the rough operation will increase the chance of damage Yixing Peach Teapot Factory Big Discount to the pot.Some friends mentioned that when I opened the pot,I said that there are many ways to open the pot,but they are basically divided into two categories,one is called More than one move and the other is called Responsible.In fact,the pathological pot is in this way.

The value of pachet is endowed by time and natural use.This principle cannot be broken.To treat the patina,it is necessary to stick to nature and to be calm.But when it comes to the roots of the atmosphere,I still hope that the pot friends Yixing Clay Teapot Price Factory Big Discount can criticize the patina less and raise it less.Dont talk about the purple sand,it will mention what leisure light,I think only from the aesthetic trend to the original source,can you still Purple sand is simple and pure,so that purple sand is just purple sand,not other illusory monsters.

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