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He is a famous espresso pot after Shao Daheng.He is best at Ryukyu,Spring and Fish Dragon.Later,he was hired by the great collector Wu Dazhao,and visited Blue Clay Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount the Zhong Ding and ancient pottery of the Wufu collection.Huang Yulin is a pot,and the mud material is based on the characteristics of the pot,integrated into the heart,repeated deployment,and natural!

The people are good at making pots,pots,washing and other kinds of purple sand artifacts,and the makers are often unique in shape and unique in their originality,which is very popular among the literati at that time.Like the famous Yucheng Kiln at that time,he produced a lot of works by He Yixing Teapots Expensive Factory Big Discount Xinzhou,the most famous of which was his heart boat.He Xinzhou made design innovations on the original stone scoop pot shape.The most obvious point is that the middle part of the pot button is slightly flat and is called the heart boat scoop by later generations.

We know that Chinese tea is divided into six categories green tea,white tea,yellow tea,green tea,black tea and black tea.The production process and fermentation degree of each type of tea are different,which Chinese Yixing Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount makes the unique taste of tea.In order to make a pot of good tea,you need to know the tea nature of each type of tea,and which kind of teapot is best for brewing.

With the continuous development of tea culture,people found that it has a great advantage in making tea,and then gradually found that various trace elements such as iron,calcium,magnesium,potassium,zinc,etc.contained in Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount the pot can decompose the fat in the food.Lowering cholesterol has a natural health effect on the human body.The tea brewing potential of the teapot was extensively excavated,and it met different teas and collided with different sparks.

Lets take a look at the clay material of the teapot,which mainly includes purple mud,red mud and green mud.The purple mud also includes clear cement,bottom trough clear,red brown mud,red skin dragon,etc.; red Yixing Red Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount mud includes red mud,Zhu mud,old red mud.Green mud section mud original section mud,sesame section,gold section),green mud Benshan green mud,dark green mud).

Black tea belongs to postfermented tea.During the production process,tea leaves tend to accumulate and ferment for a long time,so the tea is brown after it is made,so it is called black tea.Such as Puer Duanni Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount tea in the traditional sense,Puer tea is divided into black tea,this article is temporarily discussed with such genus),Sichuan Tibetan tea,Anhua black tea and so on.

For more image specificity,an example will be given.For example,when brewing a bit of a year of Puer cooked tea,the tea soup made from the ball made of purple mud,the soup is red and the tea is pure.The production process of white tea is Clay Teapots From China Factory Big Discount generally divided into two processes of withering and drying.Such as Fuding white tea,Yunnan Yuta big white tea.To brew a cup of white tea with a taste of fresh alcohol,you must choose the right teapot.

Yellow tea Using the shoots as raw materials,the tea leaves are quickly yellowed in the process of making the piles,forming the uniqueness of its yellow leaf yellow soup.Such as Junshan silver needle,Mengding yellow bud and so on.When brewing black tea Authentic Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount with a purple sand pot,it is necessary to keep the water temperature at about 80 °C,and ensure that the soup is quickly released.Do not suffocate the water.The high temperature of the water and the sultry foam will make the black tea sour and affect the taste of the product.

Different teas have created different tastes of tea due to factors such as material selection and production process.When different tea tastes meet the aristocratic teapots in the brewing utensils,they collide Green Tea Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount with a rich and pleasant taste.To brew a pot of unique tea,first of all,the different teas should be properly matched with different teapots.

Dont be superstitious!Judging the price of the teapot according to the title,it is what the novice will do,and it is also very onesided.In fact,a pot is good or bad,not only to look at the title,but more importantly,mud and work,this is fundamental,in fact,you only need to look at these two How To Use A Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount points is enough!The work itself is the true standard for measuring true masters and pseudomasters – the title of the title is not counted.I have a few more words on this one,and because too many people are superstitious,so they are practical,but this way of thinking is wrong.

Many friends say that a good teapot has poison and can be addictive.The better the pot,the stronger the toxicity,and the good teapot is really attractive.Here also remind everyone that playing pots should How To Identify Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount be based on their own economic strength,do not buy frenzied,you must know how to proceed step by step.A good pot is worth pursuing and taste for life.

The pot is expensive,not too much.This is also my play pot concept,especially reminding those who have just started,have not formed their own set of play pot concept friends.Many people have been playing Chinese Yixing Pottery Marks Factory Big Discount pots for decades,bought hundreds of pots,and the cost is not small,and there is no real good pot in it.It is better to buy a few good quality.

Dont be too superstitious to buy in the country of origin,unless you have a very reliable friend in Dingshu Town,you are a tourist and retail,it is Rare Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount easy to be slaughtered if you are not lucky.The correct way to do this is to choose a store that you can trust,or to have a trusted expert who knows the teapot as your gatekeeper.

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