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A few points to buy a teapot,simple and practical! It is best to play from the traditional type of equipment,such as stone scoop,Xi Shi,antique,after several generations of eyetesting,it must be more and more eye Catching. Ceramic Cow Teapot The price and real value of the teapot are sometimes out of touch,not the higher the price,the better,choose the one that suits you,and the value for money. Novices should not think about it,the more they think about It is good to be able to buy a genuine teapot at a reasonable price.

A few points to buy a teapot,simple and practical! Many friends say that a good teapot has poison and can be addictive. The better the pot,the stronger the toxicity,and the good teapot is really attractive. Here also redirect everyone That playing pots should be based Ceramic Clay Teapot on their own economic strength,do not buy frenzied,you must know how to proceed step by step. A good pot is worth pursuing and taste for life. A few points to buy a teapot,simple and practical!

The pot is expensive,not too much. This is also my play pot concept,especially reminding those who have just started,have not formed their own set of play pot concept friends. Many people have been playing pots for decades,bought hundreds of pots,and the cost is not small,and there is no real good pot in it. It Ceramic Cream Teapot is better to buy a few good quality. Dont be too superstitious to buy in the country of origin,unless you have a very reliable friend in Dingshu Town,you are a tourist and retail,it is easy to be slaughtered if you are not lucky. The correct way to do this is to choose a store that you can trust,or to have a trusted expert who knows the teapot as your gatekeeper.

In my own opinion,in the long years,a good pot is a friend who is always in the same place. With the sun and the moon,I will go with you all the way. Have you encountered the good pot that belongs to you? If the author does not have a job Ceramic Clay Teapot Set title,it doesnt matter. The folk craftsman is not bad at all. The facts also prove that many hot pot makers in the market,many of them have no title! If you have a job title made pot),it is not cumbersome,the celebrity effect always exists,as for selfuse or investment,that is your own consideration!

The teapot has a lot of benefits,and the tea is not bad overnight. It is due to the good permeability of the purple sand mud. With the continuous development of the market economy,there have been some chaos in Ceramic Chair Teapot the purple sand market. For this reason,some tips have been summed up,hoping to have some help for the novices who play the pot. These six sentences reveal the correct way to open the teapot.

Zisha is only used for tea drinking. The investment in the collection should be cautious. That is to say,most of the teapots on the market currently have no collection value. It is difficult to find a collection Ceramic Cowboy Teapot of teapots in a thousand pots on the market. Moreover,the price of the collectiongrade teapot is very expensive,with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Therefore,for most people,buying a pot does not have to consider the issue of appreciation. This is a question for experienced players with economic conditions. For the average person,buying a pot back is for making tea. In addition to satisfying your own aesthetic Chinese Ceramic Teapot requirements,it is sufficient to choose a pot of raw ore that you can accept according to the tea you drink.

These six sentences reveal that the correct opening method of the purple sand pot is difficult to distinguish. It is better to find a lot of beginners by looking for the channel. I want to buy a handmade teapot when I get started. Although I have mastered some basic knowledge through the study of many theoretical Ceramic Teapot Designs knowledge,but because there is no actual combat experience,there is no one in the teapot. It is also a normal phenomenon to get a pot or not to have a full grasp. In such an introductory stage,it is also important to find a reliable channel while trying to learn knowledge.

These six sentences reveal that the correct opening method of the purple sand pot is the green and chemical mud. The original ore is the ancient color. I dont know when it started. The market has become popular with all kinds of colorful teapots,which are bright Ceramic Teapot Dish  bright. people. Although the merchants are still vocally indicating that they are rare raw materials,they are actually naked chemical mud. Face value can be important for many people. But what you need to know is that the purple sand of the ore mine is mined in the rock formation,and many of them are faint,even if the water is beautiful,it is matte. The colors are very natural,not glamorous. If you still pursue the Ceramic Teapot Definition beauty,then it is easy to buy fakes. It is revealed that the correct opening method of the teapot is not reliable,and the potstand is a hoe.

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