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How should the teapot be opened? AIt is very simple,you can view the detailed potter video Video l Learn the correct method of opening the pot of teapot in one minute! The purple sand pot is drenched,the faster the dry the mud,the better. Is this the case? AIt Red Clay Chinese Teapot Factory Big Discount is not correct to identify mud in this way. The speed of drying is also related to pot type,sintering degree and processing. In the case of the Xixi pot,the surface of the pot does not form stagnant water. Relatively the water is definitely dry,and the lines like the antique are relatively flat,the water is naturally slower,and the dry is slower. .

Why are the two clay pots of the same mud material so bad? AZisha,as the name suggests,is sand,because there is a sand to have the unique feel of the teapot,and the difference in feel refers to the intensity Purple Clay Chinese Teapot Factory Big Discount of the sand sense,which is the purpose of the mud. The number is related. The number of purple sand mud is a standard for describing the thickness of purple sand mud.Is it true that there is no wrinkle and no wrinkle? AThis conclusion is not absolute. The degree of wrinkling of Zhu Mu can be artificially controlled. In the case where the kiln temperature can be controlled in place,the Zhu Mu pot after firing can be done unless it is posted in front of the eyes. wrinkle. After all,many Zhu Lin works that have been handed down are not wrinkled.

What kind of tea is best in the purple sand pot? AAny tea can be brewed with a teapot. Different muds and pots are suitable for different teas. The specific situation is analyzed. Purple sand is called fivecolor soil. Is there five colors? APurple sand is called Clay Chinese Teapots Factory Big Discount fivecolor soil because of its different colors. But it is not only five colors. Different ratios of mud materials will produce different colors. Different firing temperatures often show different colors. The ancients called Zisha the original meaning of fivecolor soil,which refers to the five colors of white,green,black,red and yellow soils,which correspond to the Jinmu water and fire soil in the five elements of China.

Why do I use purple water to make purple sand,and the purple sand is cracked. Is this normal? AThe teapot itself is fragile. It is more likely to cause cracking when the temperature difference between cold and heat is large. Therefore,it is recommended to warm the pot before use,just in case. AnotherThe teapot is dry Yixing Zisha Tea Mug Factory Big Discount for a long time without use,and it is easier to crack when it is on the water. In addition to Zhu Mu,other coarse particles of mud will be easily cracked! Specifically,what is the reason for the cracking of the teapot?

Use the tea to pour the body of the kettle. Do you want to wipe it off after the shower? Or is it easy to form a slurry without being moved? AIt is recommended to wipe clean every time you use the teapot. In the case of moisture,the teapot is easy to breed bacteria,which is not good for health over time. How should the teapot be cleaned? AAfter Yixing Zisha Tea Cup Factory Big Discount each tea,remember to wash the inside and outside with clean water,dry naturally,and keep the pot clean and tidy. For the teapot that has formed tea scale,it can be soaked in warm water,gently wiped with soda,soaked in the tea stains with a soft tea towel,and finally watered the pot with hot water.

Is the handmade pot better than the semimanual pot? ANot necessarily,and it is not appropriate to look at the molding method to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the teapot. We all know that it is actually very difficult to make a handmade pot. The same pot type,if the level of the pot maker is not enough,the charm of the handmade pot is far from being semimanual. Some artists will put the mold into the mold after fully handpulling the barrel,making the Yixing Zisha Tea Set Factory Big Discount pot shape more accurate and perfect. The mold is also a tool in the end. Some contemporary craftsmen use Gu Laos mold to make the same one,often just like its shape without its rhyme. The key to using the mold is to use it well and use it skillfully. NoteThe semimanual here only refers to the part of the barrel that is moulded by the mold,and the mouth,handle and button are all handmade. The whole manual video demonstration production process,view the small cap pot full handmade big secret! Rare to see with video

Is it true that the sound of the kettle is reliable? AThe quality of a teapot can not be judged by listening to the sound. The teapot has been completely different from the new pot and the kiln! The clay material of the teapot is different,the temperature of the burning is different,and the sound produced after the tapping is different. Why do the teapots cover the inner wall? Can it be used as a standard for identifying all handmade pots? AThe inner wall chapter,commonly known as the inner seal,is generally the seal of the author and can be regarded as a pot ID card.

The seals on all the covers on the inner wall of the cover are not used to identify the whole hand and semimanual. The seal represents not the handmade,but the person who makes the pot. Nowadays,many machines have also made seals,so the seal does not mean whether the pot is handmade or not. The specific situation is analyzed because there are many fake hands now!

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