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Official Authentic Yixing Teapot Making Process 1

Issuing time:2019-12-25 10:50Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

The title is a topic that cannot be avoided by the purple sand industry. It can be said that there are still quite a few pot friends so far. When purchasing the teapot,the quality and price of the teapot Ceramic Teapot Care will be directly measured by the authors title. In fact,this is a misunderstanding. We should first look at whether a pot has a sense of beauty,and whether the overall proportion is coordinated,making people feel comfortable. Then look closely,to see if the work is fine,the quality of the mud,and finally to understand the authors situation,there is no title. The title is a secondary factor as a pot,not a major factor. Never reverse the relationship between the primary and secondary. Ceramic Teapot Clock Because you are not buying people,but pots,pots are enough. Some purple sand newcomers have been pursuing the world class and national level,and in fact many of them are swindlers who rely on hype and packaging. They use these names to raise their own prices and pot prices. To lie to some uninformed pot friends. If you are still stupidly pursuing fame and professional titles,then it is easy to enter the trap and pay high tuition fees.

For those who like the teapot,especially those who are new to the purple sand,you must understand these doorways. Only through continuous learning and understanding can you buy a teapot that you like and that is value Ceramic Teapot Cats for money. In the past,I talked about a craftsman being forced to wash his hands in the golden basin. Today,my old friend came to my house to be a guest,and told me a reverse story,but this time the protagonist became a familiar personLao Li Kana is a wellknown inspector in the industry. The professional title has reached the national advanced craft artist engraving professional),and has been engaged in engraving professional Ceramic Teapot Collectible in the early years. I used to find him regularly,so everyone is familiar with it.

The craftsman is really panickedIf this teapot cant be done,the first 100 pots will be returned to you! Later,he suspected that the money was not fast enough. He used his title to cooperate with a number of pot merchants to sell the teapot with his name as Clay Ceramic Teapot the bottom. But after all,he would only paint it,and he would not make a pot at all,so the pot would They are all OEMs. So,while frantically harvesting,Ray was buried. The craftsman is really panickedIf this teapot cant be done,the first 100 pots will be returned to you!

Last month,a big customer who took his hundreds of pots came to the door and asked to return the pot! Can not retreat,in front of his face,complete the whole process of making a teapot,and threatened,made it,this Ceramic Teapot Cost matter is over! If you cant do it,report it to him! In the end,after a few days,the pot was still not made,and the details of the settlement were not known. It should have been a lot of money. This is the case,but it does not lead to some thinking

The name of the purple sand pot is really not important! The craftsman is really panickedIf this teapot cant be done,the first 100 pots will be returned to you! It is really not necessary to say how big the gold content of the Zisha pot title is. If Ceramic Teapot Company you have studied the price system of the teapot carefully,you will find that the average price of some helpers is about 5,000 yuan,and some highpowered pots are about 2,000 yuan or even lower.

The name of the purple sand pot is very important! The craftsman is really panickedIf this teapot cant be done,the first 100 pots will be returned to you! [Zisha title examination site] Things are always developing constantly. As the internal rectification of the industry is getting bigger and bigger,the title evaluation of the Ceramic Teapot Coffee teapot is becoming more and more strict. On the other hand,the phenomenon of light job title in the market is extremely extremesome people who cant beat the purple sands are not able to beat the folk craftsmen,and they slammed the professional title while selling the conscience commodity pot. Its ugly!

How should our pot friends face it correctly! How to deal with it,in fact,is very simple,just eight wordsThe name of the first art,the pot on the kettle. If a clay pot is topnotch,the shape is in place,and the Ceramic Chinese Teapot workmanship is fine,it is a good pot. The craftsman is really panickedIf this teapot cant be done,the first 100 pots will be returned to you! When you start the teapot,master some simple and practical precautions,you can help the pot friends to take less detours,lets take a look at the followinga few points to buy a teapot,simple and practical! The color is very strange,the Ceramic Cottage Teapot color is very bright,the teapot,it is best not to touch. When buying a teapot,dont knock on the teapot to listen to the sound. This doesnt make any sense at all,and it hurts and you have to pay.

Rememberdont be superstitious! Judging the price of the teapot according to the title,it is what the novice will do,and it is also very onesided. In fact,a pot is good or bad,not only to look At the title,but more Ceramic Chicken Teapot importantly,mud and work,this is fundamental,in fact,you only need to look at these two points is enough! The work itself is the true standard for measuring true masters and pseudomasters – the title of The title is not counted. I have a few more words on this one,and Ceramic Cactus Teapot because too many people are superstitious,so they are practical,but this way of thinking is wrong.

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