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look at the body of the kettle; because the Xi Shi pot is a cover,it is necessary to close the cover button and the body.The lower part of the body is round and fat,and this part represents full of enthusiasm and round and straight.This aspect represents ample Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Factory Big Discount activity and vitality.We can also imagine a thing,for example,an unopened flower bud.This is the image of hair growth.Hair growth and creation are the virtues of heaven.Therefore,hair growth and creation are the good things of greatness and great virtue.

open the lid of the pot to see the body; the mouth of the pot is small,the inside is large,that is,the big mouth of the mouth said on the wind and water,the Tibetan wind gathers gas,sucks the money,this is Xi Shi Zisha Yixing Clay Pot Factory Big Discount the proverb; the mouth is small,the fortune is big,Of course it is Jixiang.For us,the mouth of the mouth corresponds to the mouth of the person,and the body corresponds to the person who has the heart.If we are a person,the mouth is lowkey,modest,not talking loudly,and with a broad mind,the money will be found.

look at the spout; Xi Shi pot is a mouth,is a small mouth of cherry,corresponding to the mouth of the Chinese Clay Teapots Factory Big Discount person,that is,can not just talk,to repair the morality,can not be greedy,greedy,this is the disease from the mouth,the disaster Out.

look at the pot pot; pot pot is like a long hair fluttering in the wind,the ancients believe that the hair is the end of thinking,the hair fluttering represents Chinese Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount the smartness of thinking,if the pot pot is regarded as the human mind realm Look,this phase is agile thinking,thinking high.

The culture carried by the teapot is used to make people,that is,we must understand the phase in the pot shape,to correct ourselves,to use the current saying to call selfdiscipline,and to use the Taoist saying to practice selfdiscipline,the Buddha called the ring,set,Hui.If the Vintage Chinese Red Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount pot is made of traditional purple sand mud,the craft is also very good.The socalled art good means that the body looks very like,very live,and ready to go.Working well means grinding the ugly sand into a beautiful jade,that is,the pot of Yurun Jingguang,the better the workmanship.The expression of the demeanor is the Tao,which is the culture; the light of the intrinsic represents the profound cultural heritage,and the light of the Chinese Clay Teapot Set Factory Big Discount crystal represents the light of wisdom.Is such a pot a mascot? The saint said that everything has an induction.If the person and the pot are intimately intimate,and then cultivated and cultivated,it is even better.

The traditional Chinese purple sand teapot is a unique valuable asset in Yixing.The rich shape of the purple sand teapot brings together the profound creative wisdom of the artists of the past,and it has a unique Chinese Red Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount style and aesthetic connotation.The antiques and innovations in the styling have continued the series of traditional and classic shapes of the Zisha teapot,and have developed into an inexhaustible treasure trove of styling.

But so far,there is no precedent at home and abroad that is purely based on the shape of the purple teapot.The study of styling beauty by scientific methods and mathematical ideas is devoted to breaking through the limitations of traditional aesthetic theory on aesthetic Duan Ni Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount understanding and thinking space,using reason to understand and reflect the harmony of artistic creation,and to open up new perspectives for the display of artistic form beauty.The inheritance and development of the beauty of art form provides a way to follow the law.

In Chinas ceramic industry,Yixing Zisha Tao,which is unique in the middle of the Ming Dynasty,has a history of nearly 5,000 years.The emergence of purple sander and her development are social phenomena and cultural phenomena Chinese Clay Teapot Care Factory Big Discount in Yixing.According to the cultural and artistic viewpoint of the Eastern people,it directly reflects the social outlook and civilization of Yixing.First,people regard the purple sander as an art world and a spiritual world belonging to their own cultural level.In particular,some painters and artists are attracted by the charm of the purple sander.They are very fond of collecting purple sandals.Second,people put Tea tea on tea,poetry and poetry,and the use of teapots to turn them into a part of their elegant cultural life; third,because of the Chinese Clay Dragon Teapot Factory Big Discount appreciation,play and taste of the literati,not only makes the style and art of the purple sand pottery New developments and changes,combined with the traditional literature and art of China and Zisha pottery,have increased the cultural color of Zisha pottery,and have increasingly increased its value in literature,art,pleasure,cultural relics and ethics; Fourth,the purple sand art has become an urgent pursuit of the art of purple sand,which has made the level of pot art constantly improved.

Yixing Zisha has three magic weapons First,there is a very pure and best source of minerals.The second is the mud removing technology that has been passed down for thousands of years.Good mines and good refining can become good mud.The third is the traditional production Chinese Clay Teapot Markings Factory Big Discount process of the previous year.Not only does the teapot have a unique physical culture,but also makes the soul of the purple sand mud,and the good mine plus the good and the good work can make a good pot.A tool that gives the soul of the purple sand a needle.

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