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Issuing time:2019-12-25 10:48Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

The original teapot is like a treasure. What is the current teapot? The teapot is different from honey,but for us,the purple sand is a culture that needs to be Ceramic Bunny Teapot passed down. The culture needs a positive and healthy market atmosphere and a group of people who stick to the bottom line. Regardless of the outside world,no matter how the outsiders spoil,even if the environment can change the market,even if the market can affect us. However,as a person of Yixing,as a purple sand person,when we inherited the purple sand treasures passed down to us by our predecessors; when we are now Ceramic Bamboo Teapot at the helm of the industry,we should go upstream,stick to the bottom line,reshape the market,and name the teapot. . It is not impossible,we are all watching; not without chance,but we are weak. The regulation and healthy and orderly development of the purple sand market requires the joint efforts of practitioners and consumers.

It is said that the water depth of the teapot market,for those who do not understand the teapot or the newcomer to the purple sand,there will be some misunderstandings and traps. The reason,the most fundamental is Teapot Ceramic Box because most of the pot friends do not understand the teapot,did not master some basic knowledge. So,as a newbie,how to quickly grow into a qualified pot friend. This requires the study of professional knowledge and the accumulation of practical experience. In addition,it is also possible to communicate with others and to gain some useful knowledge and experience through a process of Black Ceramic Teapot falsification. Then lets get down to business and share some common pitfalls and misunderstandings in the market. Buying teapots,these kinds of traps are the most common,beginners must pay attention! The price is low,there must be no good goods.

The current handmade teapot,the author of a little famous,the price is basically three or five thousand,or even more expensive. That is,the price of all the handmade works Ceramic Teapot With Built In Strainer of ordinary artists is basically more than 1,000 yuan,and the thousandyuan is the standard line of the real full manual price. Of course,you will find that many online shopping platforms have two or three hundred pots,which are also known as manuals. These are all routines that deceive newcomers. The high price of a real handmade pot depends on the time and effort spent Ceramic Teapot Oil Burner and the complexity of the manual pot making process. From the mud,the mud,the film,the body,the body,the pot,the spout and the pot,the needle,the pot is finished,and the kiln is fired several times after drying. Dozens of processes. Although expensive is not necessarily true manual,the price will not be true below the approximate standard line.

Buying teapots,these kinds of traps are the most common,beginners must pay attention! The color is too bright. It is not possible to select some pots that are too bright on the market. It is often the result of adding chemical pigments to the mud. For example,some Ceramic Teapot In Bulk pots that are too blue in color are added with cobalt oxide. Some of the pots that are too dark are added with manganese oxide except for pots with ash process). Nowadays,many ingenious rare mud teapots on the market are the hardest hit areas for mud fraud. Because for most beginners,there is no ability to distinguish whether it is a real rare mud or a Ceramic Teapot With Infuser Basket chemical mud. Only after a long period of knowledge of mud materials and the accumulation of actual combat experience can we roughly distinguish between true and false.

Be wary of the routines of various lyrical writings. This is a routine that many newcomers are more likely to be deceived. I dont know how many people who really Best Ceramic Teapot love the teapot look at various lyrical copywriting and put down their guard. But after buying it,I found it deceived. Nowadays,such routines are flooding all corners of the network,and such a copy can be promoted by spending money. The characteristics of these scams are basicallyold artists sell miserable,home collection of old mud,purple family,masters passers,beauty pots,conscience artists and so on. These are in fact the same as the popular Best Ceramic Teapot With Infuser slowselling grandfather on the Internet,so you need to be vigilant when buying a pot,so that your goodness is deceived and exploited by others. Buying teapots,these kinds of traps are the most common,beginners must pay attention! Cautiously buy the clay pot with rare mud

The old pot is also a deep knowledge,because the knowledge of the old pot is very wide. The mud materials in different periods have different characteristics. The light is the generation of mud,which is difficult for ordinary people to master. Without a slap in the Bauhaus Ceramic Teapot face,it is impossible to find a leak. Dont see some of the bottom cover is Shi Dabin,Chen Mingyuan,Gu Jingzhou seal,naively think this is their work. The works of these famous artists can be said that the vast majority are collected in the hands of museums and some veteran players. The number of people who remain in the private sector is very rare. If there is no certain ability to distinguish and identify,it is just a matter of luck. Missing. Then Xiao Jiang is here to say something that is not heard. The leak of this method is not as good as buying Ceramic Teapot Canada a lottery ticket. The odds of winning the lottery are much higher than this. Some pot friends even buy some socalled famous old pots from some online antique shopping malls for collection. In fact,the brains are a bit smarter to understand. These valuable old pots,merchants have any reason to sell them to you cheaply. Is it that he will not earn money if he has money,and he does not know how to collect it? Such a scam is obviously using your greedy desire to leak

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