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Tea overnight observationThe purple sand pot has the saying that the more you stay,the more you breathe,because it has very good breathability,which can delay the shelf life of the tea,so it can delay the mildew of the tea,and store it for Yixing Teapot Sale Factory Big Discount several hours without changing the taste.How much is the purple sand pot reasonable?A pot usually needs 1 kg of mud,even if the mud is almost tens of dollars,plus labor,packaging,freight,and waste in the burning process.Therefore,it is more reasonable for an ordinary appetizer made by an apprentice or an ordinary worker to sell for two or three hundred yuan.

The works of assistant craft artists with collectible value should be measured in thousands of yuan,ranging from 2,000 to tens of thousands of craft artists,ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of Yixing Teapot Sothebys Factory Big Discount hightech workers.At present,it is even more speculative in the market for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of yuan.

Tea originated in China and has a history of more than 2,000 years.Making A Teapot In Ceramics,In the 17th century maritime era,tea spread to the United Kingdom,after more than 400 years of local development,the formation of a unique British tea culture.Today,in the case of drinking tea,the British peoples enthusiasm has exceeded China.According to Yixing Teapot Seals Factory Big Discount statistics,each year,China drinks more than 1 kg of tea,while in the UK,each person consumes nearly 4 kg per year,and those who have tea habits account for 80%!When the clock rings,all the moments in the world stop for tea.This British folk song sang its worldfamous afternoon tea culture.

What is the difference between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea?

The worship of tea in the British upper class originated from a Portuguese princess.In 1662,the Portuguese princess Catherine,who loved to drink tea,married King Charles II of England.Her dowry consisted of 221 pounds of black tea and fine Chinese tea set.The new Queens elegant way of making tea made the British aristocrats eager to follow suit,drinking Yixing Teapot Store Factory Big Discount tea became a symbol of nobility,and Catherine was called Queen of Tea Drinking.In the 1940s,English afternoon tea became popular.At that time,the lifestyle in the UK was that lunch was very simple,and dinner was usually after 8 pm,and it was easy to feel hungry in the afternoon.A Duchess,Anna Ford,told the servants to make small biscuits and muffins,paired with Chinese black tea,and entertained her girlfriends.Such a creative way,quickly spread in the Yixing Square Teapot Factory Big Discount British Isles,forming an atmosphere.What is the difference between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea? What is the difference between the two countries tea cultures?
Type of tea

There are many types of tea in China,which are mainly divided into six categories green tea,black tea,oolong tea,black tea,white tea and yellow tea.Each type of tea has more subdivisions due to differences in origin and crafts.The British initially drank green tea and later loved black tea.The reason is said to be that black tea is easier to preserve.Secondly,the British Isles are surrounded by Yixing Stoneware Teapot Factory Big Discount the sea,cold and humid all year round,and the warm and warm black tea is naturally popular.Mixed fruit teas such as Darjeeling and Assam milk tea are popular in the area.What are the differences between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea?Tea appearance

When the Chinese make tea,put the whole piece of tea in boiling water and enjoy the stretch of the tea in the hot air.The United Kingdom replaces Yixing Stoneware Teapot Factory Big Discount tea with a bag of tea,called instant tea.The tea leaves are broken and require a filtering device.Tea ingredients

Chinese people drink tea and get used to drinking,just use boiling water.Some also put some cockroaches,American ginseng or jujube tablets.British people like to add milk and sugar to the tea.Grey Earl Grey tea and Assam black tea made with bergamot oil become a classic and unique local variety.They Yixing Clay Teapot Set Factory Big Discount even put pepper,butter,eggs,whiskey,etc.into the tea to create a variety of flavors as they wish.What is the difference between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea?Sakura cake

Chinese people drink tea with peanuts,melon seeds and other dried fruits.Guangdong morning tea culture,there are rich cakes and side dishes.The typical English afternoon tea is a threelayer tray with different pastries.The bottom layer is a salty finger sandwich,the middle layer is an English muffin,and the top layer is a dessert cake.Snacks are tasted from Yixing Purple Sand Teapot Factory Big Discount the bottom up,from salty to sweet.Music and flowers are essential,with classical beauty.Tea drinking utensils

There are many tea drinking utensils in China,such as ceramic tea sets and teapots.British tea drinking utensils are mainly made of bone china and silver tin products.What is the difference between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea?Tea time

In the eyes of most people,drinking tea can be carried out at any time without a ceremony.Some drink tea after a meal,and some use tea as the main drink of the whole day.Drinking yourself or entertaining friends is different.The British are much more addicted to tea,and a typical British family Yixing Teapot Toronto Factory Big Discount drinks at least 5 times a day.Wake up morning tea in the morning,black tea with tea at around 1100 am,milk tea at lunch,4 oclock in the afternoon is the famous afternoon tea time,and drink tea at night before going to bed.What is the difference between English afternoon tea and Chinese tea?Tea ceremony

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