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Official Authentic Yixing Zisha Teapot Marks

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The next grade is a famous work,and the author must be the best in the industry. The works are exquisitely crafted,and most of them are original,with a special emphasis on the establishment of style. This is a thrilling leap from smith to art. Famous products are Ceramic Teapot For One the object of the collectors pursuit,and they are competing for the darling of the competition. The strength of the Zisha artists works,ranging from tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars,the special style of the more distinctive masterpieces,often can be fired to hundreds of thousands or even millions. The four levels of the teapot,look at the teapot in your hand in the first level of pots and weights to this grade,has gone to the mud,work,and good style,focus on the goods. People have no products,they dont know Ceramic Teapot Flower Planters what they can; they have no products,and they wait for Chen. The world has a lot of money to spend more than 100 million yuan,why? The real category is superb,with the core of the text,the personality and the bone,to learn the veins. At this point,the pot is not a pot,it is a cultural name.

Such works often represent the highest standard of an era and are like a ruler in terms of aesthetic value. In view of the fact that people have the feeling of being in the mountains and the small world,they are particularly scarce and become the gimmicks on the scene. Due to the small number of deposits and the high price,the purchase of such collections has caused the original sensible collection habits to be overthrown,replaced by the rigor and rationality of the stock trader. Like and demand,the former has Ceramic Teapot For Sale sublimated,and then the more original. Of course,if the main body of the teapot is positioned on the masses,then the demand seems to be more practical. But from an investment perspective,buying a boutique is always a wise choice. The appreciation space and the appreciation speed of the boutique always surpass the ordinary things,and the things are rare,which is the last word. The teapot has a lot of benefits,and the tea is not bad overnight. It is due to the good permeability of the purple sand mud. With the continuous development of the market economy,there have been some chaos in the purple sand market. For this reason,some tips have been summed up,hoping to have some help for the novices who play the pot.

It is revealed that the purple sand pot is correctly opened. The purple sand is only used for tea drinking. The investment in the collection should be cautious. Ceramic Teapot For Painting That is to say,most of the teapots on the market currently have no collection value. It is difficult to find a collection of teapots in a thousand pots on the market. Moreover,the price of the collectiongrade teapot is very expensive,with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Therefore,for most people,buying a pot does not have to consider the issue of appreciation. This is a question for experienced players with economic conditions. For the average person,buying a pot back is for making tea. In addition to satisfying your own aesthetic requirements,it is sufficient to choose a pot of raw ore that you can accept according to the tea you drink.

It is revealed that the correct opening method of the purple sand pot is difficult to distinguish. It is better Ceramic Teapot Flower Pot to find a lot of beginners to find the right channel. I want to buy a handmade teapot when I get started. Although I have mastered some basic knowledge through the study of many theoretical knowledge,but because there is no actual combat experience,there is no one in the teapot. It is also a normal phenomenon to get a pot or not to have a full grasp. In such an introductory stage,it is also important to find a reliable channel while trying to learn knowledge. These six sentences reveal the correct way to open the teapot,the green and green chemical mud,the original ore is quaint

I dont know when it started,the market has become popular with a variety of colorful teapots,which are bright and Ceramic Teapot Flower bright. Although the merchants are still vocally indicating that they are rare raw materials,they are actually naked chemical mud. Face value can be important for many people. But what you need to know is that the purple sand of the ore mine is mined in the rock formation,and many of them are faint,even if the water is beautiful,it is matte. The colors are very natural,not glamorous. If you still pursue the beauty,then it is easy to buy fakes. These six sentences reveal that the correct opening method of the teapot is not reliable,and the potstand is a hoe.

Some pot friends think that by tapping the teapot to listen to the sound,you can tell the quality of the teapot,which is obviously misled by some brick homes. The sound of tapping the teapot is crisp or boring,which is mainly related to the characteristics of the mud the mud of the mud and the mud is greatly different),and the degree of sintering. There is Ceramic Teapot For 6 also the problem that the teapot pot does not fall down. Some online shopping platform merchants like to take this boast,and want to prove that their teapot works well. In fact,the purple sand pot can not play the inverted,and the pot type the shape of the pot button and the whole process of the postburning process,and the pot is not good,there is no relationship between the dime. If you have questions,you may wish to experiment on your own. Even if the stone scoop pot made by Gu Jingzhou cant play the inverted,and the Xi Shi pot on the Internet 99 can stand upside down,can we conclude that Gu Jingzhous pot Ceramic Teapot Figurine is not as good as the work of the online 99 package? ? It reveals that the correct opening method of the teapot has no purple sand within one hundred yuan,and there is no full hand below one thousand yuan.

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