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Pick three tips for the teapot!

Issuing time:2019-09-12 09:24Author:china clay teapot

1、Novices don't jump to play pots

As the saying goes, "I can't eat hot tofu", just friends who play pots, don't think about it. With your own skills, you can buy what you think is cheap and good, so you are best. It is honest to start from the most basic. Because you are not careful, your high amount may buy a fake pot.

There is also a pot friend, a total of Dingshan did not run two, the forum did not go through a few times, always thinking about the height of the circle. The steps are too big and easy to flash. If the overall strength is not enough, let's take it slowly.

2、Big pot with small pot

For those of you who just played the pot, it’s very inexplicable. Why is the big pot and the small pot used together? In fact, this is learned. The small pot is suitable for us to carry, and the large pot is suitable for many people to use, and people often say "small pot is the main bubble, the middle pot is fair, the big pot is filled with water and water pot", and the big pot is more convenient because of its larger size. The craftsman carries out decorative engraving on it, which has a certain collection value.

yixing tea cup.png

3、File your love pot

What is archiving? It is to build your love pot into a file belonging to them. From the beginning of playing the pot until you fall in love with the teapot, you will definitely collect and buy a lot of teapots during this period. So you have to go through the ins and outs of every teapot, you have to go to the name of the pot, the mud, the author, the price, etc., perhaps in the near future, your teapot will become the premier precious teapot.

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