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Purple sand pot of good times

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Yixing is the veritable capital of Chinese ceramics and the hometown of zisha kettle.Yixing is rich in purple sand pot, is from here buried 100 meters deep underground purple sand mud material purple sand mine buried in the ground for billions of years, is not renewable precious resources

The production of a purple sand pot has to go through at least 12 procedures, such as making mud pieces, inlaying the body, filling the bottom with large pieces, and making the mouth cover with fake bottom

On the back of a purple clay pot with stable shape and color, all the masters put a lot of energy and painstaking efforts into the production process

Different clay materials may be burned to different temperatures due to the different elements contained in them, and may also be burned to different colors, which is mysterious

After the purple mud mining, it should be selected, the mud blocks washed and picked up impurities, but also continue to water, promote the weathering of the mud blocks, make it into fine particles and then the weathered fine mud blocks with stone grinding fine, and then grind the good mud sifted into water immersion for more than half a year

After half a year, take out the mud material and pour it into the plaster mold to absorb the water, use the wooden hammer and the mud material, pack the good mud material, and then put it in the shadeHackneyed also call raise earth, it is the last processing procedure of purple sand mud material, mix practice to make good mud material to install with pottery crock, put in dandified place, let decay wine age.As with good wines aged in the cellar, the longer they are relatively stale, the more polished and quaint the pot will be

Square non - uniform, round - phase, is a purple sand pot

With hundreds of years of inheritance and innovation, purple sand pot has been endowed with rich shapes, from geometric shapes (round and square) to natural and textural shapes, which can be said to be ever-changing. Other ceramic products cannot be compared with it.

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