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The raw ore purple mud Mansheng stone scooping pot is derived from the copper pedestaland the nail body is used to hold the pot bodywhich is stable and not stagnaterevealing aura. The size of the model is highshortthickand fine. The law of the bottom of the pot has been continuously experimenting and refining for thousands of years of purple sands. The pot type is equipped with the bottom of the potwhich makes the pot bottom of some classic pots have the law. In the Ming Dynastythe tunafu pots were generally threeleggedand the furnace pots were supported by four feet; the derrick pots were often filled with Can I Put My Ceramic Teapot On The Stove bottomsand the round pots were mostly onebottomed; Generallyit is an irregular concave bottomand the pumpkin pot is a melon ridge line that gathers toward the melon. When the slope is usedthe corresponding mud pots should be equipped with a pot to avoid the formation of stubborn water stains on the bottom of the pot; when placing the potit is best to use a wooden pot holder; Do not rub the bottom of the high pot and the big pot; the ribs and the bottom of the flowershaped pot should be careful not to rub against the hard objects. The bottom of the pot is made by handmade teapot. The bottom of the pot is the same as the spout and the potand they are all connected separately. For examplethe production method of a bottom. The tool for forming the negative film   the virtual film must be imaginary on the imaginary film before the negative film

Use the imaginary cymbal to evenly tap the negative film to make it concave until the end of the bottom is finished using the tool to finish the final repair of the bottom. The bottom is the common pattern on the purple sand round. It is cleanneatscouring and smart. A style unique to the purple sand shape. What is the difference between the bottom of the master and the master like Gu JingzhouMoyuanzhaiMoyuan Zhaijingtang systemJingjiJingzhouGu JingzhouMangyi potteryWulingyi people from YixuanZiyixuan mastersthin PingLaoping194834 years old JingnanshanJingshan pot hidden feet I am fun and oldI have Can You Heat Up A Ceramic Teapot On The Stove to spend a day for my blessingsZhouzhouJingzhou Yixing peopleinkteaboatboatseventysevenCaojingLaopingpurple sand potthe bottom of the potthe overall match with the potthe naturalthe whole The charm of the instrument. Many styles of purple sand pot bottoms are not added casually. They should be connected with the whole pot. Sometimes a good pot bottom will become a pen of God! Why does the teapot become the trend of the collectorsIn addition to its own cultural characteristics and exquisite craftsmanship and tea prevalencethe special material of the purple sand itself is also a major reason. The texture of the purple sand is delicate and flexibleand the outer type is purple jade. The inside is like jasper. It has been used for a long timeand it has a luster like a jade. Let us know the purple sand mud today. Bottom groove

The bottom trough is produced in the Huanglong Mountain system in YixingJiangsu Province. The purple mud ore is roughly divided into three typeshead troughtwo trough greenand bottom trough. The mud is produced at the bottom of the purple mud and has good quality. It is highly respected by the pottery of the past. The first is also the classic name for centuriesand the most famous name of the late Gu Jingzhou master. It was first produced in No. 4 Well of Huanglong Mountainfollowed by Huanglongshan No. 5 Well and Taixi Mine. Due to its production at the bottom of the purple sandthe texture is extremely purethe mud is finethe color is stableand it is brown. It is widely used in modern pot makers. Suggestions for brewingPuer tea various seriesoolong tea raw tealight baking fire seriesLongjingHuachaBiluochunblack teagreen tea and so on. Duanmu section mud ore is called old group mudwhich is produced in Huanglong MountainYixingJiangsu Province. The original ore looks nearly white and has deep green spots. In addition to muddy Are Ceramic Teapots Stovetop Safe embryosit can also be ground into fine particles. Used for sanding effect; after firingit is subgoose yellow with a few red spots. The other ore is the mountain green mudand the place of origin is Huanglong Mountain. The original ore is greenish graywhich is the entrapment in the interlayer of the purple sand mud. It is beige in color after firing. The larger structure of the granules contained in the mud material has a doubleporosity structureand the air convection is smooth. The use of the convection is smooth and longlastingand the change is sharpand the cultivation is very good. Tea is deliciousfull of praise! Suggestions for brewingPuer tea seriesTieguanyin and semifermented teaheavyfermented teablack teaoolong tea raw tealight baking fire seriesgreen teaLongjingblack tea Wait. Clear cement

Due to the simplicity of the mudthe old taste is strong after longterm useand it is the most popular use of ancient pottery. It is a mud material that spreads more transmittersso it is named after clear cement. Mud dry and wet is easy to masterhigh stabilityreasonable viscosityand easy to form. Chen Mu must be refiningotherwise it is easy to produce black edges and flower mud. When refiningit is necessary to pay attention to the removal of iron oxide and lime. Qing cement is pure pure purple mud mineYixing pottery calls it pu mudwhich is the more common mud material; the good is rare and expensivethe inferior is more and more cheap; the player is called red purple mudwhich is Appreciate the most respected mud of the two. Suggestions for brewingPuer tea various seriesoolong tea raw tea light baking fire seriesTieguanyinflower teablack teagreen teaLongjingBiluochun. Zhu Muqiu Kettle Zhu Muyuan ore bone is hard and solidthe color of the vermilion is slightly Can You Use Ceramic Teapots On The Stove orangethe warm and transparent texture is goodand it is no different from the top Zhu mud in the middle of the Qing Dynasty; the big can not be burnedthe valley wrinkles appear after the small products are burntIt is quite ancient and muddy. It has a soft and smooth sand feeland the water color is moderately moist; the hot water showers are delicate and bright redand the body is swept away by purple light. The mysterious and charming charm makes the pot people drunk. The tea soup that is washed with it is bright and livelyquick and fruitfuleasy to display and fragrant and sweet and sweet. Rustic wishful sinking Huali for the waist round gluten Yang Guoping made a brewing suggestionTieguanyinTaiwan high mountain teaPuer raw teaoolong tea raw tealight baking fire seriesLongjing and so on. Purple mud

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