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Understand the charm of the teapotWhy is Yixings teapot so famous? It is not just exquisite craftsmanship,the masters come forth in large numbers.The real reason is that the purple sand texture of Yixing is excellent.It has high iron content.After firing,the water absorption Where To Buy Cheap Ceramic Teapot rate and exhaust rate are good.It is used to make tea,color,fragrance and taste.All good.Therefore,to judge a good pot,the first criterion is to see if the mud is authentic,whether it is Yixing ore purple sand.

Highquality raw ore purple sand mud,the quality of the mud is the foundation of a good pot.The history of Yixing Zisha for thousands of years is the biggest recognition for Yixing mud.The local mud material in Yixing is also commonly known as Huanglong ore,Benshan material,and its tea quality is unmatched by the outside mountain materials of Zhejiang and Anhui.If the mud is not correct,even if it is fired in Yixing,it cannot be called a real teapot!We definitely dont need this kind of mud.The pot friends who used Joes pottery pot will praise our mud!

Pure craftsmanWork is the process,which is divided into forming process and production process.The molding process is divided into the most original full hand,that is,completely handmade.And the half hand shaped by the mold In all kinds of molding processes,the whole hand is the best,halfhanded,because the physical structure of the doublepores structure of the purple sand mud is formed during the process of tapping the mud piece.All the handmade pots are not before the setting.Patting and playing,this process is the reorganization of the purple sand stomata.

Master of Arts and CraftsWhen it comes to shape,you have to say one thing Fang is one style,and there is no one.The stone scoop made by 1000 people actually has 1000 look.The reason is first; the teapot is a manual process,it is difficult to make the same thing.Second; each Where To Buy Ceramic Teapots workman,or the same workman,has a different understanding of the same pot shape in its different stages of creation.Whether it is a photonic or a flower.It can be read on the purple sand,with a round in the square and a square charm in the circle.Such a pot must be the top grade!Every handcarved pot is a work worth reading.

Insist on selling only true purple sand,gentleman loves money,and has a proper way.From a young grandfather,he said to me Artisans should cherish their reputation as much as they cherish life. Therefore,Joes shopkeeper insisted on selling only true purple sand,never selling fakes,and seeking huge profits.

Adhere to the truth,for the price of the product.We do not recognize the phrase good goods are not cheap. Especially in the industry of purple sand,many Zisha pots have doubled the price Vintage Brown Ceramic Teapot after adding the title of hightech and handmade.But in fact,many friends have been deceived.We are not a master,but Joes shopkeepers have made pots for generations,and technology is better than many masters.The original intention we made online was to restore the price of purple sand.

Persist in selling good goods,a good purple sand mainly depends on two aspects,one is good material,the other is good craft; and the quality of the craft depends entirely on the mentality of the craftsman,slow work is fine,slow is also one Attitude,in order to pursue the perfection of the craft,we have to pay more time and cost.I believe that if you really like the teapot,you will understand this attitude.

Today is a topic of purple sand questioning.Xiaohua has sorted out the problems of several pot friends,let Dasheng Vintage Japanese Teapot Ceramic answer one by one for each purpose,and thank you for your support.Come on,did you mention the purple sand problem on the list? Dasheng answers for you one by one!Potters view of the sky Teacher,please help me see how much the pot value? Am I buying expensive?

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