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Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!Yixing teapot began in Song Dynasty,Cheng Yuming,Sheng Yuqing,and prospered in contemporary times.The famous teachers are like a group of stars,and their skills are complete.In the How To Paint Ceramic Teapot Republic of China,the famous purple sand artist,Cheng Shouzhen made the Ryukyu pot in 1915,and won the first prize in the Pacific Ocean Panama Expo in San Francisco,USA; in 1926,he won the special prize of the World Expo in Philadelphia,USA.Since then,many purple sand works have won some international awards.

Yixing teapot,unique material,unique molding process and unique cultural expression.It is both a practical product and a handicraft.It is a combination of use and appreciation.It is both material and spiritual,and it is the unity of matter and spirit.Lets talk about the unique features of the teapot.Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!

Unique materialIt is said that Yixing purple sand mud has reasonable composition of chemistry,minerals and granules.The calcareous pot after firing has a unique double pore structure,so How To Paint On A Ceramic Teapot the tea does not taste,and the summer heat is not easy to lick.The teapot is made of sand,and the lid is neither fragrant nor cooked. It has the reputation of the true essence of tea,perfect tea.Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!

Unique shapeIt is said that the process of manual tapping or insert molding is intrinsically different from the pottery molding methods around the world.Regardless of the circle,square,side angle,and ribs,regardless of the height and straightness,it can be produced in a temperament,and the structure can be rigorous,the mouth cover is tight,and the lines are clear.Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!

Unique cultureIt is said that the shape,the plain color,the plain decoration,the simplicity of the book,simple and generous.Coupled with the participation of some literati in designanddecoration,various characters and patterns can be engraved on the teapot,so that the charm Vintage Pink Ceramic Teapot of the threeinone of poetry and calligraphy can be perfectly presented on a pot.Is the teapot expensive?Afterdeepunderstanding,you will have a new understanding!

A good teapot can be a combination of philosophical thinking,tea spirit,natural rhythm,and calligraphy and painting.The natural color of purple sand mud and the artistic creation of purple sand artists can give people a kind of spiritual feelings such as dull,elegant,dignified,steady,natural,simple,restrained,gentle,honest,quiet and vigorous.

Zisha pot is expensive,and there are reasons for it.Especially the celebrity teapots,such as Gu Jingzhou,Yan Shimin and Wang Yuchun,have made hundreds of thousands of millions of high prices in the auction market in recent years.The socalled one pot is not many,the price is one or twenty gold,which can make the price of soil and gold,a good teapot is indeed more valuable than gold.

When you start the teapot,master some simple and practical precautions,which can help the pot friends Repair Cracked Ceramic Teapot to take less detours.Lets take a look at itA few points to buy a teapot,simple and practical!The color is very strange,the color is very bright,the teapot,it is best not to touch.When buying a teapot,dont knock on the teapot to listen to the sound.This doesnt make any sense at all,and it hurts and you have to pay.

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