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Often wiped
In the process of making tea,wiping the body with a cotton wet tea towel with the tea cake can effectively promote the teapot to be clean and tidy.Frequently nourishment of tea soup can cause changes in the quality of the teapot.Note that when wiping with a tea towel,be Vintage Ceramic Electric Kettles careful not to excessively rub it.For some work pots with a curve and a rogue shape,it is necessary to timely wipe the tea soup in the lower part of the stream.In order to avoid longterm pasking defects caused by poor maintenance.Carefully wipe the flow of the pot,the transfer,the outer edge of the lid,the pot button,etc.These remote places are prone to fouling and will affect the overall curing effect of the teapot.

As the best choice for tea lovers,the teapot is the favorite of tea lovers.The teapot is not only excellent in terms of quality,but also excellent in art.It can be used for tea and tea.It is a superb tea Ceramic Electric Kettle Bella set that combines functionality,collection and playability!But Zisha also has the difference between true and false!The original mine is not necessarily good,but also has to judge from the following points

How should the quality of the teapot be judged? The true purple sand is not only rich in color but also has its own unique characteristics in the breath and color.The purple sand pot is not glazed,but its luster is warm and restrained.It has the beauty of jade,and the real Ceramic Electric Kettle Blue And White Porcelain purple sand will be fine regardless of how smooth the surface is.Granules,this is the sand of purple sand.If a purple sand pot has a smooth surface like a mirror,this teapot must be a fake pot!

How should the quality of the teapot be judged? The touchsensitive teapot has great characteristics both on the use and on the plate.The teapot will continue to play with the motherinlaw during use.The warm touch of the teapot and the warmth of the tea and the fragrance of the tea make both hands and body and mind Can be greatly satisfied!Therefore,the touch of the teapot is extremely important!The purple sand and the clay mud are different.The real teapot is like a handtouched bean paste.It is silky and not greasy,and it is very smooth!And the pottery mud strokes have a sense of stagnation,compare the card!

How should the quality of the teapot be judged? Breathable teapot is the best choice for tea making.Because purple sand is breathable,how to judge its breathability? Just pour the water Ceramic Electric Kettle Best on the pot and observe it carefully.The wellbreathable pot will evenly hang a layer of water film on the pot and quickly be sucked out by the body!A poorly permeable pot will only leave some water drops on the body.

How should the quality of the teapot be judged? The teapot is not only a tool for making tea,it is also the epitome of our long history of tea culture in China!Coupled with the functional art of the teapot is really a collection of good!Nowadays,in the vast world of purple sand art,Yixing has become a bright pearl.How many years of kneading and baking on the soil has created one and another craftsman who is as brilliant as the purple sand.Chen Youlin is one of the exquisite craftsmen of the purple sand art world.

Zisha Master Chen Youlin was born in a ceramic family in Dingshu Town,Yixing City,Jiangsu Province.During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty,Yixing Zisha famous artist Chen Mingyuan was a descendant.In 1983,he entered the Yixing Zisha Plant to learn the pot,and Ceramic Electric Kettle Canada was carefully taught by masters such as Li Changhong,Gu Shaopei and Jiang Rong.In 2002,he entered the Chinese Ceramics Design Institute for further study.The work forms a pottery genre with a blend of flowers and flowers.Master Chen Youlin is a thoughtful person with a quick mind,originality and creative personality.The overall shape of his purple sand light goods is integrated with the function of drinking,vision and touch.With natural simplicity,conciseness and elegance,it has an elegant and refined artistic charm and a unique cultural style.

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