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The longlost teapot can be revived in this way.ConclusionThe maintenance of the teapot is a constant thing. It is not a day and two days to Ceramic Teapot Canada raise and raise the teapot. It needs to be a regular dish to have a good effect. The smoothing of the teapot is also time. The best gift of precipitation!In 2020, when the Forbidden City is about to celebrate its 600th birthday, the Ceramic Teapot Care Palace Museum has teamed up with more than 10 Chinese Zisha masters. It took three years to work hard and finally reproduce the court teapotof the Qing Dynasty.

Among the purple sand traps in the Palace Museum, some of them belong to the unique works. They were specially made in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, and Ceramic Teapot Clock were shipped to the court for the emperor. They are called court purple sand, regardless of the shape, Mud or decoration, representing the highest level of craftsmanship at the time.

The imitation court purple sander launched this time, with the Qing Dynasty court purple sander as the Ceramic Teapot Cats female parent, was jointly developed by more than 10 Chinese Zisha masters such as Chen Guoliang, Zhang Zhengzhong and Hua Jian, and the directors of the Palace Museum, Lu Chenglong and Yu Fuchun, jointly guided. Six selected from the handpicked court purple sander, according to the relevant records of the Qing Dynasty court the Ministry of Internal Ceramic Teapot Collectible Affairs Office to make a living and clearing files, each pot is engraved with the Palaceof the Palace Museum. With a unique serial number and a certificate of supervision.

Yu Fuchun, an expert in the supervision of the Palace Museum, introduced the imitation of the court purple sandware from the Huanglongshan purple sand ore Clay Ceramic Teapot mine. The production method is completely handmade according to the model of the court office, and the six collections of the Palace Museum are reproduced. In the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the famous Zizi pots from the Yixing kiln in Jiangsu Province were named as follows imitation Qing Ceramic Teapot Cost Emperor Yixing kiln purple sand mud painted turquoise stone figure royal poetry round pot, imitation Qing Emperor Yixing kiln purple sand mud painting

Each piece of the imitation court teapot was made by Yixing Zisha master. The whole project took 3 years. Due to the rare materials, complicated process Ceramic Teapot Company and difficult firing, only 100 sets 6 sets each were made. . In 2019, 60 sets of production and sale will be completed. When the Forbidden City is completed in 2020, another 40 sets will be Ceramic Teapot Coffee completed.Some pots are powerful and domineering, suitable for making big products, or super large items, such as Han Fang, Sifang Yuxi, Hanwa and so on.It is Ceramic Chinese Teapot precisely because the teapot has this essence, so we can see thousands of pots, each with its own characteristics.

Sifang Yuxi pot Sifang jade potSmall and small benefits, big and big magic.The small pot is more convenient Ceramic Cottage Teapot to carry, can be placed in the bag for business trips, can be brought to the tea house to drink morning tea, can be hidden in the office drawers to sneak out. Its convenient to handle, and its handy, one person alone, and enjoy Ceramic Chicken Teapot yourself.Some people think that the big pot is out of practicality, but dont ignore the magical effect of the big pot.Regarding the question of how to use the big pot, you can stick to one bubble three pots, two three teas.One bubble and Ceramic Cactus Teapot three pots means that each time you make tea, you use three pots the small pot is the main bubble, the middle pot is the fair, and the big Ceramic Cow Teapot pot is filled with the water.Duan Mujunde pot section mud Junde pot

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