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Three elements of collecting purple claytea pot

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First of all: the teapot needs to be a boutique

From the moment when the teapot was burned out, it was destined to be associated with tea for a lifetime. The teapot that was not used to make tea was like a body that lost its life. It didn’t make any sense. This point has already formed a consensus among tea lovers. However, with the increasing scarcity of purple sand mud, when we want to buy a teapot that is satisfactory, highgrade and highgrade, we find out that the expensive price has made the teapot a kind of investment, even if it is a number. The ordinary Zisha pot that can be bought thousands of dollars before the year is now rising in price, soaring to 10,000 yuan, not to nominate the homeburning or oldaged teapot. The investment collection of the teapot has also become The literati's other understanding of tea culture, if there is no good teapot, with excellent tea, all of which lacks the foundation and conviction, tea lovers and teaseekers can play In the meantime, the scent of the tea is scented and the feeling of tranquility is felt.

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Second: to have a unique charm

Appreciate the purple sand, the shallow, the deep, the mysterious, the god, the key is how you enter the door of the pot. The purple sand pot has always been divided into four grades: daily necessities pots, craft pots, special art, and art. It is summarized by the four-character method: that is, "mud, shape, work, money".

The purple sand pot is named after the world, although it is inseparable from its production techniques, but the fundamental reason is the special superior performance of the purple sand mud. Many ceramics specialize in the analysis of purple sand raw materials, which are said to contain iron oxide components, in fact, containing iron oxide mud, there are many in the country, but there is no place to produce purple sand, only purple mud, which means that the key is not iron oxide, but purple sand The word "sand". Therefore, the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of a teapot should first be the pros and cons of purple clay.

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The shape of the teapot is the most abundant among the vessels of the world, and it is praised by the different styles and circles. How to evaluate these shapes is also a benevolent person who sees the wise and sees wisdom, because the social function of art is to satisfy people's psychological needs. Since there are all kinds of people, there will be all kinds of psychology, that is, generous love, handsome love, and ancient love, ancient love, fun and love, people have love, can not force . The purple sand pot belongs to the whole tea culture. The artistic conception it pursues should be the artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremony. The artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremony is “indifferent peace” and “superworld”.

Again: ready to capture the market

In the 1980s, a purple sand producer's work cost only about 100 yuan each, but as the producer became a senior craftsman, the pot he produced was about 10,000 yuan. In general, the teapot is based on its identity as an assistant craftsman, craftsman, senior craftsman or even a national master. Therefore, ordinary citizens should invest in the collection of teapots, and the working class can choose the craftsman's work to make a small stroke.

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