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Most of these pot friends are very concerned about their health. Tea and pots are not separated, drinking Ceramic Teapot Set tea is good for health, and teapots play an auxiliary role. The purple sand also contains a small amount Ceramic Teapot Stand of iron ions, which can neutralize chlorine and fluorine in the water. Teapots drink tea to nourish the stomach, which is also the reason why the pot friends who pay attention to health choose the teapot.There are so many people who like to Ceramic Teapot Singapore use the teapot, which one of them is you?Teapot investment collection lovers

The teapot is not only a utility, but to a certain extent it can be said to be a work of Ceramic Teapot Stove Safe art. In the auction site, millions of tens of millions of purple sand works, all famous masterpieces, Shi Dabin, Chen Mansheng, Chen Mingyuan, Shao Daheng, Gu Ceramic Teapot Sainsburys Jingzhou and so on. Therefore, there is also a class of pot friends who like to invest in the appreciation of the collection, and the teapot is also divided into practical, collectible, investment grade and so on. Of course, the premise of this Ceramic Teapot Stove piece is that there is already a good understanding of the teapot, novices should not blindly come in.

There are so many people who like to use the teapot, which one of them is you?Simple like teapotThis Ceramic Teapot Spout kind of pot friend is very broad, maybe the grandfather in the family likes it, and he likes it; maybe he just likes to drink tea at a friend, and he likes it. Anyway, just like it, there is no reason.Are there any of these five Ceramic Teapot Shapes people who play pots? If not, let me talk about how you like the teapot.

When many novice pot friends choose the teapot, they often hear the merchants describe how the mud of Ceramic Teapot Strainer their pot is good and how precious. So everyone can often see the words home, rare, top. The mud is the root of a pot. This is not wrong. But what is the true value of a teapot? Today, Xiao Jiang will talk to you about this Ceramic Teapot Staffordshire topic.The reason why the teapot is expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique.oldfashioned purple sandWhen we appreciate a teapot, the first thing to look at is whether it is beautiful or not, and then see if the work is exquisite. Dont think about what kind of mud is first. If the shape and workmanship are not in Ceramic Teapot Steeper place, or even some are unsatisfactory, then how about the mud?

The value of a teapot is comprehensively evaluated from five aspects mud, shape, work, money, and merit. Aesthetically speaking, the mud only accounts for Ceramic Stovetop Teapot onefifth of the overall score of a pot. In terms of value, the value of the mud to the teapot may not be as high.The reason why the teapot Ceramic Small Teapot is expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique.finished purple sand mud

Of course, it is not that the mud is not important. Xiao Jiang only thinks that the mud is Ceramic Stump Teapot not an excuse and reason to raise the price of the teapot. In fact, the purple sand mud is not expensive. The purple sand mud is calculated according to the normal price. A bundle of 30 Ceramic Slab Teapot kilograms is used as an example. The bundle of ordinary raw ore is about a few hundred to a thousand yuan. Some of the really rare muds are The price of the bundle may reach tens of thousands of yuan. According to a mediumsized pot with a capacity of about 300, the required mud Ceramic Sculpture Teapot is about 1 kg. Generally speaking, the price of the teapot will not increase the price of the pot due to the increase in the price of the mud. Even those highend teapots that sell for hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Teapot Ceramic Shop dollars are made with topgrade rare mud. The cost of mud is basically negligible compared with the selling price of the pot.

At the home of each pot artist, there are basically purple clay materials that can be produced for seven or eight years. For the potter, the mud is the grain, and the mud will basically be Ceramic Strawberry Teapot stored in a batch. At the same time, many large households in the market have hoarded an amazing number of purple sand mines, ranging from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons. These are all Ceramic Teapot Template visible to the eye, and the unseen mud is the unexplored purple sand mineral resources hidden under Yixing and surrounding areas. The reserves of purple sand mud are quite sufficient. These purple sand mud materials can be used for at least the entire purple sand industry for several decades.

The reason why the teapot is expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique.Zisha MineThe Ceramic Teapot Tutorial reason why the teapot is expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique.Zisha MineSo the scarcity of purple sand mud is actually not as Ceramic Teapot Target serious as everyone thinks. A small amount of really rare mud is really rare, and the price is very, very expensive. These muds may obviously make it affordable for every pot friend. For most people, the mud of ordinary ore is enough.Who is more important in mud and craft?

In ancient times, purple sand mud was first called rich soil.Fugui soilis not the richness of the soil itself, but the people who use this soilto Ceramic Teapot Tesco make the pot can get rich. At this point, the purple sand mud and some jade are completely different. Many jade materials are worth the money Ceramic Teapot Temperature themselves, and they are worth the money without carving. Because jade is based on weight and texture, but purple sand mud is not worth the money, it is a pile of mud, and it is a skill to make gold.The reason why the teapot is Ceramic Teapot Toys expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique.Molding Techniques>Powder

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