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It is generally recommended that a teapot can only make one type of tea. It is best not to mix a variety of tea in the same teapot. For example: use it to make black tea today, use it to make Tieguanyin tomorrow, and use it to make green tea the day after tomorrow. It seems that you do n’t wash the wok, and you eat it yourself. This is your right and freedom. Is it better How To Make Tea In A Yixing Teapot to use a larger or smaller mesh for the clay pot? The bottom of the No. well bottom tank is enlarged to look at the sand feeling, and the golden sand is a little bit. A: There is no difference between high and low, purely based on personal preference. The higher the number of purple sand mud, the more delicate the feel. Choose more than 80 mesh, if you like rough and simple purple sand, you can choose a low mesh number. Why have my Zisha pots been raised for a month, soaking them every day, or not producing the pulp?

Answer: Because good mud can be pulped soon, the pot made from real raw ore purple sand mud will definitely be out of the pulp, but the pulp is urgent. It takes time to raise the purple sand pot. It needs to be wiped clean, from a few months to six months. After soaking and encrusting, there is another case provided by Meizhao potter, that the mud may not be good or the method of raising the pot is wrong, but most of it is because of the quality of the mud. How to raise a purple sand pot properly? Why can't the purple sand po packed when not in use? Answer: It is easy to produce moldy smell and not easy to store under the condition of airlessness and ventilation. It is generally recommended to place the purple sand pot when it is not in use. decoration. If the palm of your hand is sweaty, can you ru Ceramic Asian Teapotb the purple pot? Should I wash my hands? Answer: It is best to wash it and play with it. The purple sand pot is most forbidden to be too greasy on the hands, it will make the pot flower, and it is difficult to remove.

How should the purple sand pot be opened? A: It's very simple. You can view the detailed video of opening the pot in one minute to learn the correct method of opening the purple sand pot! The purple sand pot is sprayed with water. The quicker the mud will dry, the better. Answer: It is incorrect to identify the mud in this way. The speed of drying is also related to the shape of the pot, the sintering degree and the processing. Take the Shihsi pot, there Ceramic Antique Teapot is no standing water on the surface of the pot body. Relatively the incoming water must dry faster, while the lines of antique pots are smoother, and the flowing water is naturally slower. . Why do two purple clay pots with the same mud feel so bad? A: Purple sand, as the name suggests, is sandy. Because of the sand, it has the unique feel of the purple sand pot. The difference in the handle refers to the intensity of the sand feel, which is related to the number of mud. The mesh size of purple sand mud is a standard for describing the thickness of purple sand mud.

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