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Isn't it wrinklefree, isn't it wrinklefree? Answer: This conclusion is not absolute. The degree of wrinkle of Zhu Clay can be controlled artificially. With the temperature of the kiln controlled and in place, the fired Zhu Clay pot can be achieved unless you stick it in front of your eyes. wrinkle. After all, many of the Zhu Nian's works handed down are not wrinkled. What tea is best in Zisha pot? A: Any tea can be brewed in a purple sand pot. Different clays Ceramic Animal Teapot Set and pot shapes are suitable for different teas. Purple sand is called fivecolored soil. Does it have five colors? A: Purple sand is called fivecolored soil because of its different colors, but it is not just five colors. Different mixes of mud will produce different colors. Different firing temperatures can often show a variety of different colors. Bottom trough green symbiotic mine Benshan green, black purple mud symbiosis black purple mud deep well No. Well Benshan green

The original meaning of Lipi Ni in the Dashuitan mining area in the golden section of Well No. Jingshui was called purple sand, which refers to the white, green, black, red, and yellow colored soils, corresponding to the golden wood, water, and fire soils in the five elements of China. Why I use purple water to soak the purple sand, and the purple sand cracks. Is this normal? The purple sand pot itself is fragile, and it is more likely to cause cracking when Teapot Ceramic Animal the temperature difference between cold and heat is large, so it is recommended to warm the pot before use, just in case. Another: The teapot is relatively dry when it has been useless for a long time, and it is more likely to crack when it is soaked in water. Except for the Zhu mud, other coarse grains will easily crack! Specifically, what is the reason for the Zisha pot to burst? Drain the pot with tea. Do you want to wipe it off after you finish? Or is it easy to form a paste when left still? It is recommended to wipe the purple sand pot every time you use it. The purple sand pot is easy to breed bacteria in wet conditions, which is harmful to health over time.

How should the purple sand pot be cleaned? Answer: Be sure to wash the inside and outside with clean water after making tea, and dry it naturally to keep the pot clean and tidy. For the purple sand pot that has formed tea stains, you can soak it in warm water, wipe it with baking soda, and use soft tea towels to wipe out the tea stains inside and out. Finally, use hot water Ceramic Teapot With Bamboo Handle to pour the pot to remove the taste. Is a handmade pot better than a semihandmade pot? Answer: Not necessarily, and it is inappropriate to look at the molding method to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the purple sand pot. We all know that it's actually difficult to make a handmade pot. For the same pot type, if the level of the pot maker is not enough, the charm of a fullhand pot is far from being semimanual. Some artists will also put molds to align the shape after tapping the barrel with all hands, making the pot shape more accurate and perfect. Handmade Monk Hat

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