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The design ideas and aesthetics of a potshaped body greatly affect the value of collection. If you are familiar with the traditional shape of Zisha and have a high shape aesthetic ability, it can be said that this item is very rewarding. And if you do not understand it, then according to the rule that the more fashionable the easier it is to be eliminated and the more How To Make A Zisha Teapot traditional the easier it is to be passed on. The quaint and traditionally shaped purple sand pot has more collection significance and appreciation space than the strange shape. In terms of craftsmanship in today's impetuous society, some Zisha enthusiasts do not have enough patience to improve their own cultural accomplishments, which leads to the lack of clarity on the ideas, design concepts and cultural details of some Zisha pots. At this time, it may be better to pursue good works. If you do not understand the essentials of art, the pursuit of precision is the best way to avoid risks. If even the craftsmanship is indistinguishable, it is definitely not wise to choose to collect the purple sand pot. In terms of printing

Printing and engraving is a university question. On the one hand, it can be used to identify the authenticity of the purple sand device. In addition, the quality of the printed money itself will also affect the collection value of the purple sand device. The seals of historical celebrities can add a lot to a purple pot. The ancients in decoration: the pot is expensive with the word, and the word is transmitted with the pot. After Chen Mansheng combined poetry, painting and purple sand ware, he established the era of purple sand literati. Each of his How To Make A Teapot Out Of Polymer Clay and Yang Pengnian's works are in the millions and tens of millions. Among them, the calligraphy and painting engraved by Chen Mansheng accounted for a large proportion. Some works of purple sand in modern times will add a lot of color if they are carved by famous artists. In terms of appearance, collectibles are one point down and nine points down. New products with incompleteness are hardly welcomed by anyone. The intact old pieces are nothing, and it's easy to get skyhigh prices. Production time

The production time of a pot directly affects the price of the work. For example, an author made a pot in the 1970s and recently copied this pot. Even if the two pots are similar, the price is different. Because the author's understanding of the pot will certainly not be the same in the two periods, the choice of mud is more unlikely. However, the surviving in the 1970s is not the same as the price of new products. In terms of quantity, due to the low yield, only How To Make A Teapot Out Of Clay Without A Wheel one or two pots will be produced, but the time is too long, and the work will inevitably be lost or damaged. Of course, there are only a small number of old purple sand pots that are worth collecting. Some purple sand artists copy their own works without restrictions. As soon as they mention any of his works, they are overwhelming, and they have one hand. They buy food and cook like ordinary people. In this way, how can the value of the collection begin? In terms of originality, the socalled originality is a new variety created by the author who breaks through the routine and is his own pot.

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