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If oil stains get on, you need to clean up immediately, otherwise, the oil stains will easily immerse in the purple sand, and will leave oil marks on the soil tires, which is not conducive to the permeability of the purple sand and the absorption of moisture. At the same time, oil stains on the surface of the pot, affecting its beauty. Pay attention to cleaning before use. Pay attention to the cleaning of the pot before each use, mainly cleaning the oil stains and How To Clean A Ceramic Teapot stains on it, which can make the advantages of the purple sand pot more prominent and more hygienic. Zisha is like a beautiful woman. It also needs to be replenished. Of course, the replenishment of the Zisha pot is not carried out through a mask. It is only necessary to make tea with it. It is commonly used to make tea, and the tea will penetrate into the soil. In the long term, the surface of the pot will have a lustrous luster like jade. Use appropriate brushing and wiping for a period of time, and tea stains will accumulate in the purple sand pot. Generally, we use a small, finebristled brush dipped in warm water, brush it gently, then rinse with warm water, and then dry it with a clean cloth. Of course, you must pay attention to proper cleaning. If it is too much, it may cause damage to the kettle body. Pay attention to washing and drying after each use

Generally, after making tea in a purple sand pot, the tea residue in the pot needs to be cleaned in time. Over time, it is difficult to clean up. At the same time, odor may be generated. So after use, pay attention to washing and drying. Every time you use the treasure pot, it is best to interval it. Usually, after using the teapot for a period of time, we need to leave it for several days before using it. In this way, it will be more conducive to the air permeability of the purple sand pot and its ability to absorb water. After drinking tea, the purple sand pot should pay special attention to the following points and steps: After using the purple sand pot, keep the inside of the pot dry and do not store moisture. It should be placed How To Make A Spout For A Teapot Out Of Clay in a place with good air circulation, and it should not be placed in a boring place. It should not be precious, wrapped or sealed after use. It is best to put the lid on the side after use, do not often seal the lid. Don't immerse the water in the teapot often, and only flush it when you want to make tea. Keep away from oily or dusty places. It is best to prepare a few good purple sand pots, and only use a designated pot when drinking a certain type of tea;

Different pots should be identified to avoid confusion. Never use the detergent or any chemical agent to soak the purple clay pot. How does the purple sand pot cost? Why are some pots expensive and some pots cheap? Many new friends who are new to the purple sand pot are confused about this issue. Even when they bought the pot, because they did not understand the principle, they took a lot of detours and spent unjust money. Today, Xiaobian How To Make A Teapot Spout Clay organized the price of 12 purple pot Judging criteria: clay, shape, craftsmanship, style, decoration, appearance, production time, quantity, originality, certificate, popularity, molding difficulty. These are the most basic structures of the purple sand device and can be used as a reference. Is the purple sand raw material expensive for mud? Is the price of a pot completely affected by the price of mud? No. Mud accounts for only a portion of the total cost of a pot. But it plays a crucial role in identification. Physical aspect

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