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Can purple claytea pot be drunk directly to the mouth?

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Can the teapot drink directly to the mouth? I think it’s refreshing, I believe that many people who have seen the late Qing Dynasty, the friends of the Republic of China TV series should remember deeply, especially some big businessmen. When the big official is holding a big pipe, he still carries a teapot and plays with him. , drinking it directly to the mouth. The acting requires visual effects. Can the purple clay pot really do this in reality?

However, if you are planning to raise a teapot or a relatively highpriced collection pot, you are still advised here.

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The teapot can drink to the mouth, but the tea that is too hot is hot to the mouth, it is easy to burn the tongue, and the food residue and saliva may also enter the teapot along the water, which is not hygienic.

The teapot is a handmade clay craft unique to the Chinese Han people. The raw material for the production is purple sand mud, the origin of which is also known as Yixing Zisha pot in Dingshu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu. The ancient name pot, from the Mingzheng Jiajing years for the spring tree pot pot, sixpetal round sac pot to Ji Hansheng creative design, Cao Anxiang can also make two teas of purple sand tea pot Zhonghua Long pot, and then to the Buddhist artist The faucet made by the sorcerer has been handed down for over 500 years. It is said that the founder of the teapot is the spring for the Ming Dynasty in China. Because of the perfect combination of artistry and practicality, the teapot is so precious and memorable. The benefits of tea in the purple sand pot and the culture of the tea Zen are added, which adds to the noble and elegant rhyme of the purple sand.

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The pot that has long been used to the mouth with a mouth directly to the spout, often has a "white and yellow mixed color" in the upper part of the mouth, which is salt and saliva. We all know that the teapot has a relatively strong adsorption function. A longtime use of the teapot, the spout will inevitably absorb the salt and saliva in the human mouth, because many people are used to drinking tea after a meal. drink. The teapot that you drink with your mouth for a long time, the part of the spout will not form a real "pachet", even if the "white and yellow mixed color" is wiped off, the color will return after a long time. come out.

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